Starting in UX/UI for free (personal experience)

It’s not easy to know where to start, and it’s okay.

I’m just another human trying to find his place in this amazing tech world, full of innovation and new opportunities.

Personally I focus on web design overall, but applying UX gives you a tone of opportunities and much better results with your creations.

Let’s go! (recommend you to see all the content or at least save it for later):

1. Useful content

For me this was such a helpful video to set a path and knowing amazing tips (in fact that’s how I got to know uxmastery, searching a community)
UX Design: How To Get Started (A Full Guide)

In the video they show you amazing content, but I found another worth looking pages:

  • I’m from Spain :es:, if you are too I recommend you to see UX courses in Cibernarium, search for UX content. Oh the classes are in Catalan, but they have Spanish subtitles, don’t worry
    (If you are not from Spain I think you can’t have an account :frowning:)

2. Making a plan

I absolutely LOVE <3 Notion, this is where I have a track of everything that I want to accomplish, and it makes it so easy, it changed the way I organize (I wasn’t :face_with_hand_over_mouth: hehe)

The first video of Step 1 will help you to set all the way to getting a job, so I recommend you to be as clear as possible in notion, it will make it easy and achievable

Here I organized all the content that I wanted to learn In a viable way

(There is a lot of webflow content, I will talk about it on Step 3)

You can find on YouTube how people use it in amazing ways (there is much more that what I’m showing you :exploding_head:)
I really like this channel Jesse Showalter | Notion Tutorial

3. Taking action

With an organized and clear plan (Step 2) it’s easy to achieve your weakly or even daily goals, and it feels great when you realized how much you made

“Practice makes the master.”
The more you play around the faster and better you get.
Give it time, and you will become an amazing and efficient designer.

  • Figma
    I became obsessed with figma, it’s a beautiful tool in many ways, It will help you to build whatever you want, create prototypes, interact with your team and much more
    In the Figma YouTube channel, you will find a lot to learn too.
    I even made my notes on it :nerd_face:

  • Webflow (If you want to understand or start with web developing)
    As you saw in Step 2, is on my notion plan, because I want to be a full stack designer

    They have in my opinion the most quality free content I have ever seen, I recommend you to see the courses they have, I made this ones and I really loved them

    I feel powerful the more I learn on my way to become a full stack designer

4. Now what

There you have content and a guide to start, the sky is the limit

And the best way to learn on the journey is being together, giving and receiving feedback

Feel free to reach out!

I love to read about leathership and helping others
We can share portfolios and do some networking :handshake:

In my opinion, the most important advice, do what you love, not what other people told you to love or do
Let’s grow together

Hope it was helpful, wish you the best.

If you know about other powerful content, let’s share it! :wink:


Wawooo I don’t know what to say or how to thank you enough. I am junior frontend developer which pick up UX design path last month and which I have a lot of questions on my mind. Your write up solved alot puzzles :jigsaw: bothering me. Thank you .
Kindly drop your Twitter handle or email to follow you up. A Big clap for you. Thank you

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I’m really happy that it helped you!

Of course, there is my email, feel free to reach out :wink:

I have a question, as a junior developer what do you think about webflow?