Start-up Weekend - Anyone ever taken part in one of these?



Hi guys,

I’ve signed up to take part in a start-up weekend, would love to hear anyone’s experiences of similar events. (details below).
For me its a real chance to network more than anything else. I’m also hoping to get good insights into how small team designers/developers/marketers etc work.



Hey Paddy,
Great idea! This year I took part in a startup weekend in Christchurch, I signed up because a friend was doing it and I thought it sounded like a good way to practice what I was learning. I ended up with a group of strangers as my friend and I chose different teams, but it was still fun.

Wow what an experience. There were a tone of people of varying professions, although not very many UXers, we got the tag Designers :p. Networking happened, you learn a lot of team skills as well as how to go through a very lean methodology to give your idea traction. You may even come out of it with an idea and team that will go the distance!
I highly suggest it, and think you will have great fun. My only suggestion is to make sure you are well rested before and have lots of coffee on hand, as you will probably be getting very little sleep. Also bring paper, sketching pens etc as I found I was the only one in my team who had done this.

I hope you enjoy, and share your experience and the project you ended up with on here! I look forward to hearing about your experience :slight_smile:


My bf took part in a couple of start up weekends and loved them. He learned lots, met some very valuable people, and became part of a business (that had limited success, but was a great experience). Enjoy!

(…and try to solicit some new members :wink: )


I haven’t actually- but it does sound like fun! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys,
Found this link on twitter, useful guide for designers.


Hi Guys,
Galway Start-Up Weekend was last weekend, WOW! what an amazing time. I can fully recommend it to any UX designer, whether you getting started or have lots of experience.
I went with the intention of doing some networking and seeing what’s out there. I had an idea to pitch, but didn’t make it through the Friday night vote. :frowning:
However I joined up with guy called Dylan his idea was for a smart phone App for in-Airport navigation. (Arrow). We recruited 2 others and ended up with myself Designer, Patricia (student Developer) and Dylan & Mike business marketing students.

And out of Final 12 Teams. We took 3rd Prize!!!

We were absolutely shocked, we had one of the smaller teams, and decided ignore coding or development, and just play to our strengths.
We created a working prototype in which allowed us to present on the large screen via laptop and also show the judges the same user journey on an iphone.
And the guys did a great job getting surveys out and speaking to people in order to validate our business case. The judges were impressed and said they could see a viable product here.

I think creating a persona ‘John’ and always referring to him and his journey really helped us over the 54hours

[B]From a UX point of view.[/B]
I made some great UX contacts, people working day to day in User Experience. Also met some of the event organisors, many are start-up business owners, and may are looking out for UX folks.

I now also have a keystone project for my portfolio, which has a great user story to tell.

And I can ad invisionapp to my skills list.

Have a look at our video on the website below, we are now entered into Global Startup Battle.
If you guys like our product, you can vote for us.

Arrow - Remember where you heard it first!!



Paddy, that is awesome! Start up weekends are such a brilliant opportunity, I’m glad it went well for you. I’


Hi guys
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