Stage 3: User Testing - Project: Portfolio


I have taken the liberty of kicking off the next phase of Noquarter’s project, as he is feeling under the weather.
We are now at the user testing stage. We need to begin by writing a testing script which will be used to conduct a dry run test on project collaborators (us) in order to tweak it for user testing with the recruiter volunteers established in Stage 2.


Hi Guys,
I thought I’d just jump in here, I’ve been dipping in and out and following along for the last few weeks. Forgive me if I mention something already discussed.
Perhaps the script should be based on a sample job ad. As most recruiters looking through CV/Portfolios will be going so with a specific job in mind.
We could generate task based on this.

For example

  • Does this candidate have the skills required for this post.
  • Can I find and assess their previous work.
  • What level of experience do they have.

I’ve just finished a online prototype of my portfolio, and have 3 or 4 UX Designers in mind who I hope can give me some feedback.

I’ll let y’all know how this goes, could throw up some relevant issues.



Thanks Hawk.

I also want to make sure we include Ux people and not just recruiters. From my research, it appeared several recruiters didn’t really even know what Ux was and that they just pass along portfolios to the hiring managers at the companies. A few who specialize in front end recruiting of course knew.

I recently performed contextual user testing at a gym with several club employees on a browser based POS system. Here is the script I used. It touched all of the major points of the POS system. The script seemed to perform really well.