Special Guest Appearance from Don Norman!



In what can only be described as a legendary feat of amazingness, @Lukcha has organised for Don Norman to join us via video for a brief chat about the book.

We’re still working through the best format for this, but we’d love to know what questions you’d like to put to Don. List them in this topic and we’ll pick a couple of our favs.


Live Q&A with Don Norman – RSVP details here

Question for Don: If you could go back and add to or change the Design of Everyday Things, what would you add or change now, all these years later?




The version that I’m reading was written in 2013 and specifically addresses lots of things that have changed (e.g. it now references electronic books).

Have you got the original version?


This is something really exciting!!


Wow! this is indeed very exciting! As far as I know Don Norman is original founder of UX. Well done to you guys for organising this. I will re-read the book and see if I can come up with any questions.


I would like to ask:

"The internet UX literature seems abundant with lists of ‘Things To Do’ and ‘Things Not To Do’. However, the more I practice design, the more I realize that these lists are pointless without a specific design context to operate on. Do you sense this problem? Do you feel like we should be moving the literature more toward specific case studies rather than general ‘design guidelines?’ "


Thanks for organising @Lukcha and thanks for the great news @HAWK. I am not quite sure if I will have anything to ask yet as I am new to all of this and am still reading his book.


Hah! Yes, I went to grad school before that version was released, so I have the original. :wink:


This is actually happening!

We’ve locked down a time on July 12 to get half an hour of Don’s time, live via video. Can’t believe it!

I’d love to make the absolute most of this amazing opportunity. Now that we’re a couple of chapters in, what questions have arisen that we could put to him?




One question regarding UX has been on my mind for a while now. It would be great to ask Don Norman.

The metrics are showing that humanity is facing extinction unless we drastically change the way we live. There are many solutions and people working on them. However, surely we could get there far quicker, more efficiently and creatively - using the methods of UX Design, Service Design and more broadly Design Thinking.

It’s a little leftfield but there you go :slight_smile: