Sorry it's taken so long, here are more new people for y'all to say hi to



Hi there folks,

It’s taken a while, but here we finally are with some new people that I’d like y’all to welcome to the fold. :slight_smile:

@ryan_anderson529 often frequents the Seattle Designers Slack channel and says that, “crowdsourcing questions and providing others with feedback has been rewarding, in time saved and in creating community.” He’s currently working in a mid-level UX position with a background in startups, mostly doing wireframing/prototyping, but with some research and testing experience. He’s hoping to get more into product design in the near future.

@louissmith_ux is a product manager by trade who is interested in UX. He joined us for the sketching challenge but has been reading our stuff for a long time on his feedly. He says that he’s been interested in UX for some time now and knows the theory, but still has a lot to put into practice.

@MikeMartinez is in the learning stages of UX. With the help of our UXMastery book, he purchased a UX/UI course from He says that it’s been great so far, “I’m learning so much and getting really excited for what’s to come in this exciting industry.” The other reason he joined us is so that he can establish some connections with other people in the community and help anyone who needs it. Awesome!

@richal75 is here because he’s wanting to transition into a UX related role. He started off as a web designer 15 years ago before moving to digital marketing. He’s always been on the user’s side and trying to make websites/emails easier to use and simplifying journeys. As far as skills go, he’s done a lot of analytics research, A/B testing, wireframing, etc. plus he has experience dealing with difficult stakeholders. He says that he’s missing experience in doing user interviews and testing, IA, and doing projects day-to-day. In a nutshell, he’s in the education stage and is looking to create some more examples for his portfolio. He also says that he’s having an interesting time fitting UX into his life in and around his job and family.


Hurrah! Welcome to you all. :slight_smile: So good to have you joining us here.

@ryan_anderson529 we always appreciate people paying things forward, and glad to hear it’s been rewarding for you too. What are the startups you’ve been involved with?

@louissmith_ux One of the RSS crew! Looking forward to engaging with you more and getting some practice for you. Looking for more sketching stuff, or what else are you keen to get your teeth into? :slight_smile:

@MikeMartinez Glad the book has already helped! You’ll make some good connections here in the forums. What kind of people can we put you in touch with?

@richal75 Seems like you’ve got a good broad base of skills and experience to draw from in your UX roles, and as you explore the key principles. What is it about UX that attracts you?


Hi @ryan_anderson529 , @louissmith_ux , @MikeMartinez , @richal75 !
Glad to have you all here and hope you find the community useful :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome @Piper_Wilson @Lukcha & @amber.

Well I’m always taking the users side at work in the battle with the evil Marketing teams so UX seems a natural home for me!


Seems like a worthy reason to me! Hopefully you all still get to go out for Friday afternoon drinks together after all the professional wrangling. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Usually, but we sometimes end up in Hunger Games type situation to mix things up!


Hey, thanks for the welcome. I worked at an ecommerce startup called Tirebuyer (selling tires and wheels online), and on a few startups that didn’t quite get off the ground. One was a tour scheduling app for musicians/entertainers, another was a coaching app for pregnant and nursing mothers focused around nutrition. Otherwise I’ve done lots of work with agencies, and am now with a large enterprise company. Different feel, to be sure.


Where is me?? :stuck_out_tongue:


You joined quite some time ago. This is a new initiative. :wink:

Welcome to the fold everyone. I look forward to seeing you around the forums.


Hi thanks for the welcome! And for the great content :wink:
Particularly interested in learning about design processes and how/if you make it fit with scrum development…