Sorry i cannot use this forum


oh deah

is there a UX forum which is actaully usable

This is a disgusting insult to UX this forum trully please if we are UX poeple then what an isult to the art. I hope to find a nice looking forum if I cannot I zill post back here with my own UX forum setup

Inffact knowing how evil the internet Design is I prob will need some UX helpers to finish it off; so here goes I put a frum up in 20 minutes username admin password piespies make it look cool people:;


I had a bit of wtf moment too the first time I came across this forum software a year and a half ago, but now that I’ve gotten used to it, it’s not too bad. Quite nice actually.

Since your complaint seems to have more to do with looks than usability you would probably be better off asking UI or graphic design people to help you with your new forum.

If I’m wrong about that, maybe you could mention a few specific issues you have with the forum?


Hi @kiwianthony – I’m always happy to listen to feedback, but it would be great if you could work on your messaging so that it’s constructive and useful.

If not, this might not be the best place for you – and that’s cool. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in your comments. I work in the space between UX and community, and spend most of my time advising people on the UX of community and forum platforms.

This is Discourse, and it is – in my opinion – the best forum platform currently available, unless you require enterprise level software.

The mobile experience is pretty good, the notifications are timely and flexible, there is full flexibility to customise for accessibility (we use it out of the box) and it’s open source.

That said, I’d love you to post back here with your own UX forum setup once you’ve got it up and running to the point that you’re proud of it.


I agree with @Bleke that there is a bit of a steep learning curve to start with but after a few posts you really get the feel for it.

The main thing about a forum is the people - if you have helpful, friendly people in the forum giving good advice to problems that is really what you need. And that’s what I LOVE about UX Mastery :slight_smile:


I agree with everyone above my post 120%.

I am by no means as experienced as anyone of them in the field of UX / UI and coming to this forum from a very pedestrian stand point, I found it easy to use as well as an enjoyable community I wanted to make myself a part of.


Then please don’t.

It’s really not that bad. It’s a massive step up from the previous experience and that’s what UX is all about - iterate, iterate, iterate…

If you think posting comments like that adds value, then you need to seriously reevaluate whether a career in UX is right for you. UX is about people. It’s not about making things ‘look cool’.

I second what @jacquidow said:

You go and enjoy your very own UX forum :grinning:


Wow what a rude post. I think he’d be better off on ux.stackexchange there’s plenty of people he can get into an argument with there. doesn’t even exist so clearly his attempt to build a UX forum failed miserably. A forum is far more than the interface but also the people you have there.


I blew wind through my nose at higher-than-normal rate.


Doug always has some of the most interesting lines of text…:joy: