Software for users to test/vote on color schemes

Hi there,

I have a few color schemes in mind for a new website. What would be the best way to find out what users prefer and why? Are there any online tools that would let me upload the design/color scheme and what would be the best way to determine the final color scheme?


There are two approaches that I see here:

1.) Ask users specifically, which is just a matter of creating a form with the appropriate options and questions.

2.) A/B test the different schemes to see which actually performs better.

Given my choice, I’d go for the latter. If a choice is more aesthetically pleasing it will be selected by users, who may even say that they prefer it from a usability perspective.

Testing your options for performance is paramount. Remember that although UX user-focused, it does not mean it is exclusive of the business needs. Performance is key here, so take the time to run te tests and make a good decision.

Hi Toolman,
Not sure of your experience so I might suggest some basics, If I am off base here, my apologies!

This is a fun tool to experiment with your base colors you may have identified.
color tester, tool for webdesigner media and me (google that)

If you haven’t determined if colors will suit your industry best, this isn’t a bad tool either. (basic color associations)
99 designs website colors schemes (google search it)

My testing is to ask MY clients for THEIR clients to review. I would ask some basic UX questions like:

  1. Short Answer: What do you think the website colors say about the company?
  2. Multiple Choice: Please select the values that the colors of the website imply to you (include the values you want to demonstrate and some that are ok but not what you are looking for. you don’t want them to tell you what you want to hear)
  3. Short Answer: For this type of company have you seen a color scheme or website that you think fits this type of service or business best? (this might be too involved and better saved for an interview, which I recommend)
  4. Of the colors you see here, which ones do you like?
  5. Of the colors you see here, which ones do you not like?
  6. Of the three images you see with different color schemes, which one do you like best?

You get the idea. Phrase the questions in a narrow way so they don’t offer up too much non relevant information, but also keep it broad in the possibilities in those areas