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I recently received an invitation to Ello – an invitation only social network. Their point of difference is no advertising. I thought I’d give it a go. That lasted about 1 minute. I just don’t have room in my life for yet another social network (I use Twitter and Facebook a lot for work, and a small amount privately). I’m not sure what hole in the market they think they are filling.

What are your thoughts? What social networks do you use?


Great topic!

I use:

Twitter: for work purposes mostly. It’s great for professional reading and connecting with other UX professionals :slight_smile:
It’s my favourite

LinkedIn: work only. I’ve only recently started to use it frequently. I don’t really like the mobile app- I keep getting lost and having to scroll back through several pages
it’s annoying

Facebook: personal only. This is where is write stupid things like “It’s raining again, yuck” and I play games lol


Good point, I do have LinkedIn as well but I only really use it as an online resume. I’ve started getting a lot of unsolicited requests from people I don’t know, which is annoying. Like you, I also find the UX difficult.


Hi, same here Twitter mostly for UX and general news/sport. I try to log into Linkedin once a week, I also find it a bit of a navigation mess. Facebook is becoming a bit annoying, more spam than real contact. Haven’t accepted a new friend in a few years and have hidden a lot of people. Now I only really use it to stay in touch with family and friends. Paddy


I like trying almost every service and social networks as well. It is like a part of my job, trying all services is giving me an ability to understand the trends and have better my own experience examples.

As almost all of you I also use Facebook for connecting with friends and family, just to know whose child started walkin, who where had his vocation and so on. Also I use Instagram for personal needs, my food in not worse others’, it also must be shot and published :slight_smile:

Twitter is my favorite social network, I use it for news, for contacting with professional people.

Linkedin is something like virtual CV for me. I regularly check it, update my profile.

I use Google+ for only one purpose, it is SEO stuff for my web projects. Oh sorry there is also one thing I do with G+, I sync all my photos and videos with G+ and it gives me awesome opportunities and make my life easier.

I don’t want to tell about other networks as they will not be interesting for our community.


This article about Ello by Aral Balkan is pretty insightful.
[*]Ello, goodbye
[/LIST] The gist of it is: they say they want to be the independent, free platform that many people wish Facebook would be more like, but because it’s centralised and they took venture capital right from the start, that will never happen.