Slack 'mentorship'


I belong to a community management Slack channel where we are trialling a rotating fortnightly ‘mentorship’ experiment. Every fortnight people are randomly paired up and encouraged to connect online or by phone for informal mentoring.

If we could do something similar in our community – either here on on Slack – would anyone be keen?


Unsurprisingly, perhaps, I’d be down.


That sounds awesome! I take it that it’s been going well for you to bring it up here. What have some of the results been from the experiment so far?

Regardless, I would be in as well.


TBH we only started this week and I have my first call tomorrow so I’ll let you know.


I would be keen! I’m finishing up my UX design immersive this week:)




Ok. I need some time to pull this together (I’m getting my hand reconstructed next week :frowning: ) but I’m bookmarking to come back to it next month.


:open_mouth: hope it goes well and starts working again soon!
After 4 years with CTS, busted hands suck!


Thanks @BraydnDegraw!:slight_smile:


I’m totally in it. Please let me know if anything I can help :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’ll be in for the mentee side, thanks a lot for organising it, I’ve been looking for something similar for a while.


That would be amazing! I’d be totally down for it! :slight_smile:


Ok, this is done!

If you want to join us head over to and join the #mentorship channel. The pairings last 4 weeks and the first is next Monday.

If you don’t already belong to our Slack group you can auto-invite yourself here:


Wow, already 92 people signed up there. This is going to be fun!