Skeuomorphism or Flat or Material Design



Skeumorphism is pretty old, but it has some really good elements. Flat remains my favorite, but sometimes it just annoys me when my switch off/on buttons look alike. Then there’s material design, and I simply fell in love with animations making my icons and buttons alive. If you want a little head start on what I am talking about, here’s a helpful blog on the three designs, Design Journey from Skeuomorphism to Flat to Material Design. While material is my new favorite for creating my designs, I combine it a lot with flat elements, because animations in material design drains a lot of smartphone juice. Which one’s your favorite?


I liked Skeumorphism back in the day and Flat was a really daring move away from over design but now I find Flat and Material design really boring. I haven’t seen a flat or material design site that looked exciting in ages. I would love to know if anyone has any good examples.

I’m really itching for something new I think there’s going to be a reaction against Flat and Material soon and maybe even a reaction against the samey look that these styles enable.

I’d really like to see detail and texture, maybe handmade graphic styles with adventurous choices of colours.

Unfortunately the project I am working on for my day job really lends itself to a flat style as it is a whitelabelable (new word?), modular system that I hope to be able to hand over eventually.


Where to next, I wonder? With the rise of VR and AR perhaps we’ll start seeing 3D enabled websites. Watching Netflix? Look off to the right to look at your “shelved” favourites list and cue up something new. Granted I can’t think of too many places and ways to use it just yet that wouldn’t just become cheesy.


With the ubiquity of web cams websites like Netflix could potentially track head movement and do the shelf thing.

The dark side of this would be websites popping up dialogs when your gaze moves to the adress bar.



Loved this article!
Reminded me of a blog I’d read earlier on a design trend the author called Complexion Reduction: