Sketching challenge blog post


Continuing the discussion from The Official 100 Day Sketching Challenge, Part 3:

Hey team,
I’m going to pull together a short blog post about the sketching challenge. For those of you that have or are participating, what has been the best part and/or why did you decide to take on the challenge?


I decided to take on the challenge because I enjoy sketching and visual note taking, and it seemed like a good way to practice my skills and build a good visual library I could use in my everyday notes.

I ended up using this challenge to get the creative juices flowing on days when I just wasn’t feeling it. Having an exercise that forces you to be creative, even for just a few minutes, helps a lot. I added another dimension by experimenting with color and styles to find new ways of thinking about the visual representation of different ideas.


Thanks Doug.

Calling @dopamino @AnLev @marie_williams01 @Carlux @Zenia @louissmith_ux @AshleaMcKay I know you guys dropped out a while back (no guilt trip intended – I also did) but do you have a sec to give me some feedback on what worked / didn’t work / why you got out of it?


While I was in it, I really enjoyed it! It was a fun way to just put something on a page without overthinking it. I felt the way it was run worked really well. People were kind, inclusive and supportive of the varied levels of ability. I tried playing with colour but I kind of wish I just did what you did and just pulled it right back and kept it simple. Probably would have if I’d kept with it :slight_smile:


Hi Hawk! thank you so much for reaching out. For me it was a wonderful iniciative. I always was waiting for the new concepts to draw. I’m very bad in sketching hehe but it doesn’t matter because as @dougcollins says “Having an exercise that forces you to be creative, even for just a few minutes, helps a lot.”.

Unfortunately I don’t have enought time to dedicate just 5 min. because I’m working and finishing some studies so… Maybe I’ll take the whole list this Christmas or someday and I’ll do it again for myself and I’ll share my little sketch book then.

I keep log in on the blog and watching some mates works, well done people!

So, thank you and if you need something else please let me know it.



The main reason why I joined the challenge is that I always doodle, even now that I’m replying to this post.
The main reason why I left the challenge is that I was frustrated by a technical issue. Out of a sudden, I was not able to upload my sketches on the post page. I tried to ask for support and I haven’t received any, so I stopped investing time on it. I decided to be a follower of the post.

The initiative is great, please keep doodling, I see awesome stuff there!


Wow, I thought it was only me and felt guilty. I am not good at sketching and had to force myself to drawing because I felt I needed to develop this skill. Forcing myself everyday turned out to be hard. So I went to batch sketching 3-4 days at once. But it took more time than I expected. Sooo… lack of time and motivation, all trivial.
May be once a week would work fro me.


That’s about what I’ve been averaging lately. It seems to work well for me.


Thanks for these comments, I appreciate it.

Is there anyone that would be uncomfortable if we used their sketches in the blog post? (Totally cool, if so.)


Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this. How did you reach out? I wasn’t aware and would like to follow up on this.


I sent to you a private message on SEP 7th
Believe me, it’s not an issue, I can imagine how much messages you have to handle every day.

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Oh no! I have just seen that. How very strange. I do get lots but this is the only one I’ve ever missed. Huge apologies. Let’s take up the discussion privately.