Sketch Changed my Font Sizes! Any ideas?



Hi everyone!
I’ve been using Sketch for my last few wireframing projects (and linking it to InVision via the Craft Manager plugin for prototypes). However, when I last opened up Sketch (after about a week of not using it), it had changed all of the fonts in all of my projects! Now, it says that the font type, weight, and size are the same, but, in actuality, the font is visibly larger across the board in every single text box, which then messes up the alignment of my objects, etc.
Has this happened to anyone else? I haven’t been able to find any relevant info online about what might have caused it or how to change it back. I’d love any ideas that you might have! Thank you so much!


I have not heard of anything like that before.


  • Try checking for a new update.
  • Uninstall Sketch, and Reinstall it. Warning, I wouldn’t do this step before talking to somebody from Sketch first as they may wonder why you try and use your license code for two different instances of Sketch.


That sounds super weird. Did you uninstall any of the associated fonts by any chance?


I know, right? I did not uninstall any fonts to my knowledge and the files say that the font is still the same and still there. I just don’t get it…Not only is the text larger but the spacing of the text fields is off… I’m wondering if I should contact Sketch?


Definitely. They may be able to help, and your feedback may prevent this from happening to others in the future.