Sketch... but no InVision

Someone suggest this recently on our team. Not a fan of the idea but maybe I’m missing something. Would it be ok to use sketch without InVision as a stand-alone tool? I don’t feel sketch does quite as good of a “smooth” job of prototyping certain interactions as InVision, plus you would lose some functionality like inspect. What are your thoughts? Any major red flags to this?

As a side note - we currently use InVision - so the idea is to stop.

Hi Christina,

InVision is a pretty solid browser-based prototyping tool. But as a design workflow, it feels clunky to use multiple tools. I haven’t used Sketch, but I can vouch for Adobe XD, or Figma as stand-alone all-in-one design + collab tools. I’ve used both, and honestly, I’m in love with XD and would recommend it (and you won’t be locked into a MacOS environment). It has some nice prototyping interactions built into it, and you can also simulate it on a device in real-time, and record the interactions as video files for sharing.

Recently, I learned about an open-source tool called Quant UX. Haven’t tried it, but if you’d like to experiment with it, you can give it a go.


Hi Charlevieve – I’ve used Sketch for prototyping and it’s rubbish. Invision gives you better flexibility in sharing and getting feedback, and you won’t need Zeplin or other plugins because Invision takes care of handling exported assets too. Figma is next level, and Adobe XD is also pretty good. The ultimate tool for prototyping though is Axure RP, though you can’t really do Hifi design with it, which is why many teams don’t use it.

My advice is to push back – you will loose so much efficiency it won’t be worth the cost saving. I think this is a bad sign that this is happening to your team. Good luck!