Size guides


Hi everyone, first post!

I’m about to start a Google design sprint on our onsite size guides which have been performing poorly recently… But we’ve been struggling to find good examples of size guides that are beyond just a big old table full of numbers!

Do you have any guides you have used that you felt worked well or any suggestions on what could work well in terms of a more modern ux?

Our guides cover lots of different sizing for more athletic items over more casual swim suits so we’re thinking of customising for these different types, but be keen to see what you guys think!

Our guides are mainly aimed at females, but also cover men and kids.

Tia! :sunglasses:


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a size guide. Do you know of any examples out there that might help us?


The one I’ve found that is decent is on jacamo here

Wondering if there are any other examples you guys have seen elsewhere

Quite a lot of sites seem to just offer a big old table, I’m keen to have something that’s easier to use and more interactive to engage the user and help them choose the right size garment


Allbirds do an awesome job of size guides. Admittedly it’s shoes only, but it might give you some inspiration.

As an aside, they are also amazing shoes.


thanks :slight_smile:


try asos



Really liking the example from hawk, i discussed it with our Dev team and we’re hoping to test it shortly! :smiley: