Show the softwares that I use to design on my portfolio?

Should I show the softwares that I use to design on my portfolio? (Figma, Adobe, etc)

I’ve only seen one portfolio showing the software that the UX designer herself used to design, the rest didn’t. Is it important for the recruitters?

Basicly every design tool does the same right, so if you can work with one you can work with them all. So the difference sits within the shortcuts just a few things they do differently from each other. It all starts with drawing shaps, adding colors, texts and images etc. That’s probably why it isn’t shown.

But, if you like to add some extra flavour to your portfolio it might be nice to show the logo’s/icons of the tools you’ve got experience with. Like for this project I’ve used: Sketch, Invision and I’ve created the HTML/CSS with Atom.

My solution, adjust your portfolio to the job you’re applying to. If you know a company is working with some kind of tool or it is in the vacancy that you need to know a tool it’s smart to name it (since this is a connection you make with them).

I hope this helps!

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Okay, thank you so much!