Shout out to all UX students


Hello all,

In May, i’m beginning a product design course with LabDesign, which lasts 6 months overall.

I thought it would be really useful to make connections with other students for feedback on designs, wireframes, prototypes and to conduct usability testing. I think just catching up regularly on Skype and sharing findings on things we have learned would be massively useful, too.

If anyone is interested, let me know and we can connect on Skype :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hey David,
Good day

Not sure if I can help you with the required via skype or not, but would like to do the required via E-Mail conversations :slight_smile:

Do let me know if that can help :slight_smile:


Of course, mate. Anything helps.

Ignore the email on my profile, catch me on . Set up an Email for everything UX to avoid the clutter :slight_smile:



Hi David,
Great idea!

I haven’t actually heard of LabDesign?
Do you mean DesignLab – or do they both just have crazily similar names?


Haha yes, sorry. It is DesignLab!

Just so you know, - you may want to share this with your readers - their UX
Academy Course has a brand new curriculum starting from May. The course is
built so students finish with the skills to apply for Product Design
positions. The course also includes a lot more focus on UI design.

The course comes with a price though, $4,999 for May, which I’ll be taking,
and $5,999 starting from June. I did the 101 design course and it is an
excellent set up - worth the extra $$ in my opinion.

If you want me to send you all the course updates to share, let me know :slight_smile:


Awesome. I think @horseradish1 is currently taking a DesignLab course so may be keen to network.



Hi @horseradish1 ,

Let me know if you would like to connect :slight_smile:


Hey yes DavidJay - Welcome to the DesignLab community.
Have you started your coursework yet?



Thanks for the welcome. I begin the course 10th May. Completed the 101 design course last month. Currently just reading a few books to prepare for May and use my free time wisely! how’s it going for you?


It’s going well - I’ll admit that I’m a little bit behind on my coursework in the UX Academy. There’s a lot to do - I began on March 6th, so we’re at about week 7 now. The course starts slowly in the first week, but don’t fall behind. If you already know how to use Sketch, InVision, or some other prototype tool like UXPin, that’s a leg up.

Mostly we work through UX Research techniques in the beginning, then into synthesis, Information Architecture, wireframing, prototyping, and finally visual design.


It’s a good point actually… I only have experience in Illustrator. I better get my ass on Sketch and do some tutorials. Did you have experience in Sketch before hand? Did it take you long to prototype?

Is there anything else you advise on?

The course I take in May has a new curriculum, so the set up may be a little different but excellent advice on the prototyping tool. I genuinely thought that wouldn’t have come until the middle of the course.


Prototyping doesn’t come until the middle of the course - that’s correct. But you’re going to start using Sketch right away. Once the course starts, you get a discount on purchasing the full version of Sketch. But go ahead and download the trial version now and start learning it.

The beginning of the course involves a lot of reading, and watching videos from Don’t worry about making your early projects perfect. Just get them done.


Perfect. Thanks!

I’ve just had a work around Sketch, seems pretty intuitive.

Appreciate your advice. Good luck with the course and give me an update in a few weeks. :slight_smile:


I’m a DesignLab student as well in the UX Acedmy. Good luck with the Product Design curriculum!


Thank you!

How are you finding it? Did you recently start?


Sorry for the late response. I started in March and it’s intense but I like it. Its a bit like grad school while working full-time so it you can fall behind the eight ball if both things get busy. Group Critiques are key to getting feedback and your mentor is very key to providing you with timely and pointed feedback. I’m currently a couple of weeks behind but not worried about completing the UX Academy. Let me know how you find the Product Design course and good luck!



Thanks Lisa.

We’ve had to do a little pre-course before we start. I’m already realizing how intense the course will be :slight_smile: But relishing the challenge non-the-less!