Should i obfuscate company or product information on portfolio?


I’m just starting to build a portfolio. some of my examples are from my current job. i’m wondering if anything showing the name of my company or its products should be obfuscated? or does it not matter?

Thank you

That really depends on the attitude of your client/previous employer about representing their work. Ideally you’d have permission to name the company and share the work you did there, but most places are wary of sharing internal processes and work in progress, so I would ask first.

Assuming you’ll be using your portfolio mostly as a discussion starter during job interviews, there is less problem with making information public (as an online, publicly accessible portfolio would be), however the organisations you go for job interviews with may also be competitors of your current employer. It’s good professional practice to respect that boundary.


Agree with @Lukcha - it depends.

Almost all of my work has been in government and I can’t share any of it because there are strict rules around that. I also can’t talk about it online in case I am perceived to be speaking on behalf of a particular government department. There’s also client confidentiality issues too.

Some of my writing pieces have been ghost articles so I can’t publically acknowledge them as mine.

I would just ask them :slight_smile:

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Thank you both for your advice. I’m thinking just obfuscate any mentions of a company or its product from what i share just to be safe. That way i’m sharing the work i did without the risk of alarming my employer or client.

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I take a different tack when showing portfolio work – I tend to only show printouts and I only show them in person, then take them home with me afterwards.

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