Should I Get my Masters in Human Interaction Design?


Hi guys,

So I’m on my way to finishing my bachelors degree (English – Professional & Technical Writing Emphasis). Now I’m thinking about the best path forward in getting a good job in UX design.
I don’t have direct experience with UX work, but I do have experience with things like

  • graphic design
  • SEO
  • design thinking
  • visual communication
  • information architecture
  • content strategy

(I’m not saying these things qualify me for working in UX, just giving you my background so you can evaluate my situation)

  • I’m thinking about getting a professional degree in UX (a lot of schools call it something like 'Human Interaction Design").
  • what do you think, is a masters degree in UX a good step to having a good career in UX?
  • Does it help or give any gravitas or cachet in getting hired?
  • Do any of you guys who work in UX have professional degrees, is it in HIC, or what is it in?
  • And do you think its played a part in your success in getting good work in UX?


A masters degree won’t help you get a job in UX design. Experience will. I would work on getting that. With an English degree I would look into UX writing to start. I would recommend on working on your portfolio of personal projects as well client projects you can get while you self study and learn UX, design thinking, visual design, etc. Also take some courses to supplement. I have a BFA in Interactive Multimedia Design but went the web developer route after graduating college over 15 years ago and switched to UX in past few years. I work and live in NYC. None of the jobs I applied or landed cared what degree I had. They only cared about experience and my portfolio. It’s not easy. Good luck!


I agree with @ux_dude – I’d try and get some experience before jumping into another degree. A degree with a focus on technical writing is an excellent foundation for getting into a content role which may then segue into more of a UX role.