Should EDIT be under options/actions or separate

I have a list of data in rows with options (actions) on the right (pretty typical). I was thinking that “Edit” should be separate since it might be used more than the others under “options” (which would include, delete, view, clone & edit, etc).

Is this a good idea or not. I really hate making the user click options to get to edit. I dont want to use a modal or inline edits here, as some screens like this are much more complicated. Hover over buttons aren’t acceptable either.

Spacewise, putting EDIT under Options would help, but I just dont like the extra click.

This depends on who is using the application and how many times (approx.) they are going to edit the content once the information has been added. If most of the users who are using the application are tech savvy and may be few times they use edit, then you can include it under option section. This is going to increase number of clicks.

However, if it is open to public where senior members & not so tech savvy are going to use it then it better to provide edit where they can see it. This will reduce number of clicks

You can also save space by using edit icon rather than edit button. Include edit label on the top of the column and then edit icon for each row.