Short Survey for UX Design Community



Hello UXerinos! :grinning:
I’ve put together a survey for a project I’m working on and I’d really value the input from this community especially.

Essentially it’s a side project I’m designing a tool as that would reduce the effort and of looking for statistics and results that advocate UX design methodologies and industry findings.
Think about the last time you wanted to prove to colleagues that slow loading images harm usability. (In fact, one source says 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long.) Well, I want to make such info be at your fingertips!

So help me out with some initial product research :slight_smile: - more about the project after I get some initial user research!

You can view the survey here:

(If you come across any issues in the survey or ahve suggestions let me know in this thread!)

Appreciate it! :blush:


Hey there,

I think the survey is very well written. I didn’t fill it out because I’m not a UXer myself, but I wanted you to know that I looked.



Hi ya,
I just took the survey.

One thing that I noticed is that not all the choices I needed were available.

What situations could you see yourself needing to use a product like UXStats?


Based on your decisions above, which device would you find yourself using this product on the most ?Based on your decisions above, which device would you find yourself using this product on the most ?

Could both do with “Other” options. e.g. I use a laptop and that wasn’t an option!


Thank you @Piper_Wilson appreciate it. Please pass it on to anyone you think might be interested :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for taking the time @HAWK
I will make those updates, cheers for the heads up :slight_smile:


Filled in. I didn’t get the concept till I read your post above. The examples help to illustrate your concept so i think adding an example or 2 to the screen that explains your value proposition will help.

I’ve had to use stats before in decks e.g 90% of users bounce if page load is over 5s, that kind of thing, so I’m interested to see this. If I recall correctly I used a stat from google insights, I think they have an area just for stats to tell stories, so check it out if u haven’t already


@lykc Thanks for taking the time to fill it out. I will amend the survey to make some examples clearer.
It’s interesting you say you use stats in your decks. Would you mind telling me the context of the deck usage? Was it to validate your ideas or respond to feedback for example?


The last time was for a site audit/ expert review. The page load time for the homepage was over 10s and the bounce rate was over 80%. The stat helped to illustrate that high page load time correlates to high bounce rate. The client wanted lower bounce rate so using the stat, my recommendation included ways to reduce page load time.

There were other stats I used but can’t recall right now. The main point was to add backing to my case as to why I recommended certain courses of action


Thanks for the people who have filled this out so far. Interesting results.
Please send this out to other community members if you can! I’m hoping to reach a certain amount of results to make a weighted decision :slight_smile:


Filled in :smiley: I’m very curious about your findings and the end product! Keep it going.


Thanks brother! Will do once I get more results