Sharing permissions examples



I’m looking for good examples of how a user can choose who they share content with.

I’m thinking along the lines of Facebook’s ability to share a post with everyone, nobody else or a custom group of people or the way you can share content with selected people on Dropbox by adding them to a folder.

If anyone can think of any quality examples of this, it’d be much appreciated.



Hey Nevin :slight_smile:

Not sure they always qualify as ‘quality’ but the following have had a lot of work put into getting them to work for their audiences:

Are you collecting examples for some sort of competitor analysis?


Hi Lukcha,

Nope, I’m about to start improving our own system.


Great to hear. Good luck!


Another one that might be worth looking at is Flickr, you can create private albums, share photos with individuals, create family albums, or publicy share things