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Nice article @paddy. What you said in the article “Design is a beautiful compromise” is very true and a very good mindset. Happy to read more!


Hi love the Circus comparison, great stuff.


thanksm Paddy!


hi folks,

I just posted some new stuff on my blog, looking forward to having your comments :slight_smile:



Not UX related, but hey, I’m a Community Manager.


Cool idea! I write quite a bit for the EyeQuant blog. Some of my latest stuff:

Also contributed to this one:


Welcome to the community @morrisonkurtis! :slight_smile:


Thanks Piper!


With a couple of articles for UXMastery under my belt, an upcoming book chapter, and a few other projects in the works, I’m beginning to consolidate my UX writing into a single location. You can find my pieces at


I started not so long ago with writing a Blog it’s about life, storytelling and career choices.

It’s not much yet, but when I do have spare time I try to write my thoughts down.


Hi Community! here is my web

I write in Spanish because I think there is no enoght content about UX/UI in Spanish and I’d like to collaborate on that.

Also you can see some works I usually do on my free time.



This is great for me! I bookmarked your site. I am currently learning UX and spanish. Muchas gracias! :joy:


Hahaha OMG! Thank you! I’ll try yo keep It updated more often then. Glad to know it. Even if you have some request I’ll be grateful.

Have a nice day!


Here’s mine. Been a while since my last post.
Feedback welcome!

And please share some claps on my Medium :slight_smile:



This is really cool. My internship at timbu, has given me the opportunity to blog on

Now, that I am here. I look forward to reading up your writings.


@HAWK I was very interested in your post about ambassador program vs marketing, but the link did not work for me :frowning: The site throws a 403 error.

Is it forbidden for my part of the world? :thinking:
I really would like to read it!


It worked for me on my phone. Did you try a different browser or device?


I managed to open the article through the USA proxy. So, yes, the site is restricted to specific countries.