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I’ve noticed more people sharing their writing and/or blogs recently, which I really want to encourage. Let’s keep them all in one place for ease of use.

Add yours to the list!

I should add that I’ll occasionally tweet out articles that I think will appeal to our wider audience.


I’ve noticed we don’t have too many blogs regarding voice and UX. It’s here -
I’m still learning but figured it’s good to put it out there.


This is a great idea.
I love writing about UX. I have a blog here:

My highest recommended post as of today is here:


hey @HAWK
thanks for creating this topic!

Here’s my blog:

Every comment and every feedback are warmly welcomed



This is really awesome, especially for a UX/Product blogger, since everyone here is the right audience :wink:

Medium seems a really great place to talk about UX in general.
I started a while back but don’t get to write a lot - I average on around 20+ recommends/article.

Check out my blog -

If there are any pointers about how can I get better at writing (I’m still new), please let me know.

Thanks, looking forward to meeting more awesome writers.


I have neglected my blog recently. Now I feel bad for doing so. Time to get back on the horse! Check me out at


My writing is in a few different places:

UX Agony Aunt column at Optimal Workshop (I co-founded it):

Other stuff I have on the OW Blog:




I write about the humorous side of UX (yea… funny stuff happens to me all the time! LOL)


Just wrote and published my first article on Medium about neuro-usability:

Let me know what you think!


Hi all, nice to e-meet you all. Just a quick intro my name is Dave and I write a weekly blog called 1 Bit of Research. Basically I share one bit of research that makes people tick to create better online experience. Just published this article today on how the primacy effect applies to user testing -
Happy reading! :slight_smile:


Interesting read David, I really like it when research is actually linked to the cognitive psychology theory, still happens too little in my humble opinion :slight_smile:


Thanks Glenn, appreciate the feedback! I totally agree. You should come along to the UX and Psych Meetup that happens once a month there we share even more research on what makes people tick :wink:


When I make my way half around the globe to Melbourne, I’ll definitely swing by :wink:


Hi all - just published 1Bit of Research #7 - this will help you with user testing by uncovering the biases that can get in the way. Happy reading!


I blog about content strategy here:

If there’s anything you want to know about content strategy, feel free to ask!


Normally, I don’t write much. But now a days i am trying my best to write something. you can find them on my website


Hello :wave:, I published an article about my design process on medium.

and I like to hear your thoughts!


Hi @jaisonjustus
thanks for sharing your post!

I liked it and these are my feedbacks:

  1. I believe that the main goal of the UX is to provide an experience with less friction as possible. This could be not funny/pleasant, in both environments (on-line and off-line) it’s plenty of tasks that are not pleasant at all, for instance, when we have to pay for a violation
  2. I didn’t know the DoGo Mapping approach, my gut says that is very cool, thanks for the hint!
  3. In which way do u apply and develop the Component Thinking to an existing product/service or to a specific task within a flow?

thanks again for writing such interesting content :wink:

@HAWK I hope that is the right way to comment such post


Hello @dopamino,

Thank you for reading my process and sharing your feedback. :slight_smile:

For a long time, I am working as a single designer, so I customise the process based on the difficulties I faced. And the current version is an evolved version from 2005.

During college time (2005-09) I was into designing and programming. But design is something that I discovered myself and made it and practice. And on the other side programming, I got motivated by a lot of programmers and books in the library. So my programming was structure and process oriented, because of the books and magazines. And I never read any design books. Instead, I scan pictures of a lot of coffee table books, ad boards, magazine, and try to memorise the style, patterns, fonts, colours, etc.

As I progressed more in programming, I started realising that I can use a lot of programming techniques and concepts to structure an interface. So I started tweaking a lot of traditional programming concepts like UML, OOPS and Modular Programming, BEM, for designing works.
I used UML for interaction flow now replaced by DoGo. OOPS, Modular and BEM for Information Architecture, Components, Layout, later collectively I called Component Thinking.

Component thinking is a technique formed to deduce cluster of information from the heap. Same way you do it when you are designing a software system. I can share a website which I’m redesigning right now and the Information maps I deduced out of the information for the new design

Old Website:

Information Maps deduced from the old website:

About the Map, from top the first tier represent the page, the second layer gives the sections/layout and other layers shows the page attributes and relation

New website - Staging:



Just seen this thread, very timely. I’ve been working on getting a blog up and running recently.

Any and all feedback most welcome. Don’t hold back.