Share a photo out your office window


The title says it all.

Wow. I really need to clean my windows.


It’s fall here in Michigan.


Wow, that’s cool. You can really see the difference in my spring colours and your autumn colours.

Who else has pics?


I want to trade seasons! Not ready for snow.


We don’t even get snow in winter.


What a beautiful and exuberant nature you have out there!


I work at home :slight_smile:

I like it much more in summer:


At least your trees still have leaves. Ours are almost naked already. :roll_eyes:


Wow. That is truly beautiful, An. The architecture is stunning.

I also work at home. That photo is the view out my home office window.


Thank you! The church was designed by my father, he is an architect. He has retired, but I am happy to see his beautiful work everyday.


@AnLev what an awesome view!


That is amazing!


This is how sunrise looks on summer from my office window (home).

and this is how it looks now (spring, 2:53 pm).



I love these. It’s mind blowing to me that we sit here doing similar work and looking out at such different views. Keep them coming.


The view is bad enough at the best of times but it’s horrid today.

At least at home, my house is on a hill that you don’t notice until you get a loft extension. We get some amazing sunsets up there.


Such beautiful pictures!