Shall we have groups here?


Discourse affords us the ability to create groups (e.g. the bookclub group).

They are handy for a few reasons. For me they’re helpful because I can @ tag a whole group at once. For you they are useful because if you have a question that requires specialist knowledge (e.g. a research question) then you can easily find out who the best people to ask are.

People could join and leave groups of their own volition.

I’m thinking of groups for:

  • Researchers
  • Senior UXers (5+ years experience)

Do you think this is a good idea? What other groups would you find helpful?

Areas of expertise

Sounds like a good idea to me! It certainly makes call-outs easier.

Who manages the groups?


In what way do you mean?


A group for Freshers will be good too.


I mean who creates the groups, adding and removing users as necessary?


@jaisonjustus - What’s a fresher?


I can create the groups and seed them with the people that I know, and then others can opt in and out themselves.

A freshman / newbie. I thought it was an American term! Guess not. :slight_smile:


Yes, as @HAWK said fresher mean newbie. I also don’t know whether it’s an American term.
We use this term quite a lot in our Engg college & groups.


Sounds like a good idea…more like a Slack channel.


That’s not quite what I meant. Categories here are like Slack channels. I’m suggesting ways that we can group people rather than content.

As an example, you are in the Bookclub group but there is also a Bookclub (sub)category which everyone can see/use.


I love the idea of groups. I would love to join the bookclub group and to be honest I’ve found it confusing having come back to the discussions recently and not sure what book or what week.



We’re still on our first book (details here) and we’re about to get stuck into Week 5. We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus as people got busy and stopped participating but we’re good to go again. I think @nalindeabrew is going to launch week 5.


Ok, first group created!

@UX_Researchers you are good to go!

Your first job is to choose an avatar flair. You can see what that is by checking out my avatar – I have the Bookclub avatar flair going on. You can choose anything from the font awesome icon range here.

You can see who is currently in the group here. If you’d like to add yourself, please do! (I started with the people that I had actively made a note of at some point – there will be tonnes of you missing).

Are you a UX Researcher?

Silly question. How do you add the Avatar flair?


Not a silly question at all. I should have been more clear.

The avatar flair is set at a group level – I’ve allocated one for now but if as a group you want it changed, let me know.

If you belong to more than one group, the one that you join last will become your ‘primary group’ and your avatar flair will reflect that.


How about a microscope?


Love that idea but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a font awesome microscope icon :frowning:


Well insert inappropriate expletive here.

I am not IN this group, but I like to stick my damn nose in everything.