Setup work BEFORE task, or capture meta details AFTER task?


Hi – designing a voice recording app where there needs to be some data captured eventually. Stuff like who is recording, who is talking, what is the topic.

Is there any consensus around whether it feels better to do this kind of work chunked, up-front, before your main task? Or push it to the back and do something like require it on save?

Obviously, I’m trying to require as little as possible and only when absolutely necessary. But either way it still feels like work!


Hello there,

From my perspective I would like to do things upfront and plan everything. So before the recording I would like to prepare my stuff and input who’s on the recording and where it’s about (this might be some days before the recording). Maybe even add some notes that you can read before the talk starts.

Afterward the recording you want to focus on the person you recorded and get feedback on how it went. You probably won’t have time to add extra information to the recording at that specific moment. If you have to do the things after that specific moment you might have forgotten some important information.

Does this make any sense?


Thanks for the feedback, Sander!