Session recording with Clicktale / Sessioncam



Been looking at Clicktale and Sessioncam following Tim Leighton-Boyce’s mention of them for helping review/fix errors in the Quantified Web podcast: (good podcast if you haven’t heard it).

Haven’t had the option of using these tools before but might be able to in future so just wanted to ask if anyone here has any feedback on them, thinking along the lines of:

  • How usable you found them?
  • Main benefits you liked
  • Pitfalls/things to watch for (especially around making sure sessions are findable/searchable, eg. on a large site)
  • How you explained the use to site users, incorporated into privacy/cookie policies, etc. and any subsequent user-feedback/reaction on it?
  • What this all helped you identify (if anything) that they couldn’t have got through other means or tools?
  • Any preference you have to one tool or over the other and why? (or alternatives you’d opt for instead).