Selecting set of requirements to continue


Hi all!

I’m looking for some help/thoughts on how to approach a situation we’re facing with a feature.

We’re working on a tool in which the user needs to be able to insert a table. We did a sessions with some potential users and discussed requirements for the table. We ended up in having a list of 14 requirements. This list has been send out in a survey asking them to rank/prioritize the requirements from most important to less important.

Now we are stuck with the following question; How are we going to choose which requirements continue to the next phase? We can’t prioritize each requirement on the amount of afford, because we don’t know yet how the requirement will be designed.

Any ideas on how to approach this question? Thanks a lot!!


I think it’s an interesting question, but I’m not sure that I follow you all the way. Can you give some examples of what these 14 requirements entail?


Hi Doug,

Thanks for ur reply!

For example some of these requirements are:

  • add extra or delete columns/rows
  • column content alignment options
  • resize column width
  • merge/split cells
  • etc.

For the first version of the feature we probably won’t be able to have all the 14 requirements for the table.
We asked the users to prioritize the list from most important to less important. The question is how do we decide which requirements will be in de first version?