Seeking a Mentor in UX


Hello Everyone!

 I am currently looking for a mentor in UX to help me get started with a career.  My background is primarily musical and I have just graduated with a degree in Corporate Finance.  Here is where I am at currently:

-Started a small team to design a social media app. Initially I focused only on financing and business strategy. I began to really dig deep with the design and user experience and fell in love with the process.
-Have designed nearly all of the app itself from onboarding, information structure and architecture, and cross platform sharing.
-I currently do not have a portfolio but I have just downloaded Sketch to begin to learn the basics. I know some HTML and CSS.
-I have looked at job opportunities online but most require experience so I have considered an internship if I can find one as well. I really have no one to help me at the moment. I have been going it solo in trying to get my foot in the door and could really use some help getting started.
-I am currently located in Tennessee and I am willing to relocate even if only temporarily to get the necessary experience.

 Thanks to all of you for reading this and please let me know if you would be willing to help out a newcomer.  It's funny.  I started the app team with no idea that I would fall in love with design.  In many ways I'm sure the nature of a startup that necessitates varying duties for each employee given the small size of the team is helpful in gaining experience and allowing one to really go outside their comfort zone.  

-Richard Cantley