Seasoned UXer guide wanted for input on a discourse about rhetoric & UX Design

Hi, ya’ll! :wave:t4:

I’m Naja :slight_smile:

So I’m currently writing a discourse on rhetoric and UX Design, partially out of my own desire and partially with hopes of it being published in some medium. I have written rough drafts and find myself in a bit of a deadlock in that I am in need of a seasoned UX designer to perhaps contribute to my writings. I am a rhetorician first, second a UX designer (with only a year of experience) so I have the rhetorical knowledge, however, in order to formulate a stronger thesis, I’m in need of a seasoned designer to help guide me through my writings.

If you’re curious to see part of my work, let me know and I’ll post my current thesis/introduction. I’m really passionate about this discourse so I would love to find someone to come on board :))

  • Naja