Searching for Mentor in Toronto, Canada


I would be interested in pursuing a mentoring relationship with someone in the Toronto, Canada area if anyone is interested. I am a freelance web designer with a growing interest in UX Design. The issues I am faced with are breaking into the the UX market as I am just one year out of a college web design program. There was no official UX component in my program so everything I am learning is self-taught. Breaking into the UX industry without formal UX education and based only on freelance web projects as “experience” is a daunting task and I am looking for someone to help navigate that path in the following ways: provide constructive criticism on my website for ways to highlight the “intangible” UX experience I have built up in my school and freelance projects; provide feedback on the user experience of my current website; provide suggestions on how to incorporate UX into my freelance projects when there is no budget for said UX role/tasks so that I can build my portfolio of UX experience.


Hey Vonnie,
I’ll put out a tweet and see if we can get some eyes on this post for you. :slight_smile:


Aww thanks Hawk! Much appreciated.