Screen Recording External Users


I am looking for a tool, that potentially i could use for my new role, which allows me to do some remote user testing with users (they are sourced via the tool), such as Userzoom (which is my preferred tool) but at a much lower cost?

Any recommendations?

Hi @Homez
Take a look at UXtweak - it is a remote UX research platform. The platform is very affordable and their RePlay Tasks study is a great solution for remote user testing with session recordings. Apart from that, I prefer UXtweak session recording from other tools because their session recording isn’t just a video it is a recreation of the website which means all of the user’s actions are indexed and can be view and tracked on the timeline.

They also offer other interesting features such as Think-aloud protocol - to record audio feedback and Crowd Feedback - to let users submit and vote on each other’s ideas on what to improve.