Scrcpy - A great tool for user testing on smartphones and tablets


Has anybody already heard from “scrcpy”?
No? … you wish you had :slight_smile:

scrcpy is a nice little tool to mirror a smartphone or tablet on your pc screen

… on Windows, MacOS and even Linux
… via USB or WiFi
… with option to record screen
… with option to show touches
… with option for multiple devices
… without any installation
… without root

You may ask: Well, this sounds really, really costy … yeah, it does.

But best for last: it is free an open source

Have fun with it, hope you like it.

I would be happy to hear from your experiences with this tool :slight_smile:


PS: I have nothing to do with the developer, i am just a fan of the tool and spreading the word :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for sharing this insight, @olemail. It seems to be a very interesting tool. I am definetely going to try it to see how it works :slightly_smiling_face: