Scope & Strategy


Hello Everyone -

My company is starting a site redesign which is home to one of it’s largest revenue generators. I’ve been studying UX on my own for the last couple of months and would like to incorporate as much as I can (without entirely stopping progress). My first step is strategy and to define scope. I’ve started working off of the UX strategy guide from Invision’s site. It looks pretty straight-forward (which is what I need since this is my first go at it). Do this look like I should be able to get the right information going forward? I want to get off on the right foot, especially since UX isn’t really a mindset here so I’m trying to change that.

Thank you!


I’ve seen this before, and it’s a great starting point. Give it a try and see what you like about it, and what you don’t. There’s no rule saying you can’t change these things, and all of the fields may not be applicable to you.


@dougcollins thanks for the feedback. I found numerous templates so I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with which one to go with. Paralysis by Analysis I suppose!


Definitely! I know how that feels.

You’re going to do great. Having any UX voice is better than having none, and you can one-up that. You’ve been studying, getting more knowledgable, and you’re taking off the warmups to get in the game. Get out there and rock on.


Thanks for the link @sean. Been looking for a decent template like that for a while. Cheers


No problem! Glad I could be of some help as everyone on here has been so awesome in lending their knowledge!