'Scan my Card' - what difference does it make?


Hey, I’ve not posted on hear before so I hope I’m doing it right.

I’m currently designing a new user interface for rapid customer acquisition . I want to trial taking pictures of your credit card on your phone to auto populate banking detail fields (like Amazon does). Any ideas if this actually drives conversion, why is it desirable for customers?? Thanks


Speaking from a personal perspective I love doing this for a number of reasons

  1. typing on a phone is hard work!
  2. I can keep my phone relatively hidden if in a public place so the card is less likely to be read by other people

I guess anything that simplifies the users journey is likely to increase conversion


The reason it’s got me worried is around privacy issues. Don’t you think that some customers might be worried about sharing their bank details online?


This is a recurring topic every time there’s the concept to acquire sensible data.
I do believe we, as designers, we should be brave and keep pushing this kind of approaches.
A few years ago a feature as payment with a fingerprint was considered insane and not secure.
Now some of the best experience (at least here in CH) are provided by such kind of apps.
Save time, save effort, easy to learn and sometimes paying for something it’s even cool!

At the end, this could be a shortcut to store data.
You could present two versions of the same feature (like Apple does when you configure iPhone for the first time).


I think if a person is going to buy something online they understand that they need to give some bank details, whether that is to the shop itself or to someone like PayPal. I think the main thing is making sure it’s optional to store the details and making it clear to the user that the site is secure (maybe by using 3D secure or similar)


You did it perfectly. Welcome. :slight_smile:

I am personally in favour of your idea – I love that feature in the Uber app – and I think the privacy issues will differ across countries, psycho and demographics.