Say hi to Nightrich


Please join me in welcoming our newest member, Nightrich.

Nightrich is a designer currently learning to code HTML and CSS. He has a degree in corporate finance (!) as well as being a musician and an artist.

What instrument do you play Richard?


Hi Nightrich - It’s good to have such a well-rounded person aboard the UX Mastery Community forums!


Welcome aboard Nightrich! Great to have you here.


Hello and welcome Nightrich!


Hello all and thank you for the warm response! Sorry for my late response I have been out of town. I play guitar, bass, and drums mainly. I have CTS in my left wrist so my music is put on hold for the moment. I am in the process of teaching myself HTML and CSS. I just got a MacBook Pro and wanted to ask some of you if anyone prefers using Sketch over CS6? Thanks again to all of you I can’t wait to get to work on starting a career in UX!


Greetings Nightrich :slight_smile:
That is an impressive list of diverse skills.
I’ve recently made the switch to Sketch and am still getting used to it, but so far the experience has been a very pleasant one. My work mate has found a few small bugs that should be ironed out but nothing major. So my vote goes to Sketch as well.


Thanks everyone! Now I just need to figure out how to get started. I am somewhat green to all of this.


Anything particular you need help with?


I wish you the best of luck with you CTS! I had surgery in my other wrist a year ago and it has helped tremendously so you certainly have options.
As for the areas I need help with, I have just graduated college, I am 28, and about to me married. Big changes! As I had said before, my degree is in Corporate Finance and it has been through working with a startup that I have discovered my love for design and UX. I have been writing an app and have really fallen in love with the process. We have been using App Cooker for simple wireframes and mockup prototypes and we have had success in using the sister app App Taster to experience our designs on our phones. I am ready to move into something more sophisticated which is why I had asked about Sketch. I just got a new macbook and was deciding between purchasing CS6 or Sketch.

What are some things that I should be doing if I want to get started in a career with this? Where should I look for internships? I suppose I will need to craft a killer portfolio and I could use some advice on how to construct a good one. I really could use any and all advice as I am just getting started. I almost wish I had majored in digital media sometimes but it seems that the degree doesn’t matter as much as the experience.

 Thanks again to all of you!:p


Exciting times. Congratulations.

We have a sale on our books for 24 hours. You might find [URL=“”]Get Started in UX useful. If you don’t want to throw cash at it, [URL=“”]this article is helpful. [URL=“”]This one is great too.

I love this article that Luke wrote a while back. It gives clear step by step instructions. I’m also in the middle of researching another portfolio article, so keep your eyes out for that.

LittleRobot’s response in this thread is also gold.

That should get you started. :slight_smile: