Say hi to Jen


Hey all,
Please join me in welcoming our latest member, JenStencel. It’s great to have you on board, Jen.

Jen is a librarian from Bath Township- a tiny little town on the outskirts of Akron, Ohio.

I spent some time composing a bio from the info that Jen supplied me with in her email, but I can’t do it justice, so I’m going to reuse her own words.

[SIZE=12px]I became enamored with UX through quite a process of researching other topics of interest: Placemaking- which Adelaide, AU is the leader in (in my opinion) and participatory programming (Nina Simon- The Participatory Museum), which got me into customer journey mapping and other methods of studying the “users” journey in a physical space. Added to the mix was a book I read called Enchanted Objects. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]Then the itch started: ‘what about on-line?’ Can on- line have the same sense of “place” like in placemaking? Can a virtual space be participatory, so much so, that it is emotionally “sticky”? Can virtual sites be magical and “enchanted” (delightful) with the same appeal as a magic bean in a Fairy Tale? And somehow I stumbled on to UX.[/SIZE]


Welcome Jen!

Ha, my mum was a librarian, although I never could convince her to overcome her technophobia until after she retired (not coincidentally, when the iPad came out and I bought her one).

I’m an Adelaide boy originally, by the way. I get back to visit family a couple of times a year—I’ll be sure to check out something placemaking-related. Any tips?


Welcome Jen :slight_smile: