Roadblocks to Roadmaps


I’ve just been reading Bruce McCarthy’s “The Dirty Dozen Roadmap Roadblocks” and was interested to see that one of the roadblocks is ‘being too secretive’. Secrecy, in any aspect of life, has always been something that has bothered me. It has it’s place, but in my experience people tend to wield it for power rather than good business practice.

Does your business employ roadmaps? Is secrecy an issue?


I’ve heard that we do roadmaps, but I wouldn’t know where to find them. But I think that my workplace is quite open about their goals, for instance we are encouraged to use yammer to share business successes, things we find interesting, and what is happening in the marketing world.

I think for my role, knowing the general roadmaps are very important, because we need to know the bigger picture and where we are looking to head. So everything can be put in context.

Was it a good read Hawk? Would you suggest it?


For sure. It’s a 5min read so not a big investment.