Review of my latest portfolio project



Would love feedback on my latest project page for my portfolio, which consists of a series of mini-projects I conducted research for for free practice briefs

If you have the time, would love a second set of eyes on the research and design work.

You can find the link here

Thank you!


Hi @juliuspvergara,

I looked at your briefbox page on your portfolio. A couple of general comments about your portfolio first though. :slight_smile:

  1. I think you have too many projects. More than 6 and it gets overwhelming.
  2. You have the 5 tags at the top of your portfolio work page, and to me, it seems unclear what you do. Are you a UX Designer? UI Designer? Content Strategist? UI Engineer? Your portfolio should be a curation and compilation of your best work that you want to be known for. The category tags muddles that message.
  3. The project categories on the main portfolio page (Udacity projects, Daily UI challenges, Briefbox work, etc.) make you appear junior and like you don’t have a lot of experience. Don’t call out these weren’t live projects. Don’t say they were either, but don’t be so obvious that they are for learning.

Briefbox page:
Personally, I don’t like all the projects on one page. When I am reviewing a portfolio, I expect to see the entire case study laid out so I can easily scan it. With the tabs for each project, I can’t scan.

I think your best project in your portfolio is the Twitter Lists. See if you can make a few more like that and really focus your portfolio.

Hope that helps!


I like your portfolio very much, Julius. One thing I would do though, since you are a User Experience Designer, is to run your website through a WAVE Web Accessibility tool: I tell everyone to do this. In your case, a problem I see is that there isn’t enough contrast with your light-blue links on your white background. Give it a shot and see what it recommends.

I also would have liked to read a bit more about your thoughts and processes at each step of your design journey for each project–ie the text at the bottom, ‘Final Thoughts’, could change for each Tab–Research, Ideation, etc. I know you can flesh this out and I think it might help a prospective employer to better understand how you work.

Other than that, very nice!