Resume for career changers


I’m reviewing my resume after some suggestions from elsewhere. I can’t decide if I should keep the info about my grad school and QE work that preceded my career change to ux.

If I want to stick to one page, it may not be possible to include the non-ux experience.

I can’t decide what’s better: a one-page resume that only includes the ux work of the past two years during which I taught myself ux, or including some of my pre-ux background.

For reference, my current resume is at


Yep, keep the pre-UX stuff in, helps paint a broader picture. Your experience before UX will be seen as useful.


I agree with @tim0.

Even if your previous experience wasn’t relevant, it might still be a good idea to keep the job title and employment dates on, as it shows that you at least didn’t have an employment gap.


+1 for keeping the background information in your resume.