Resume Feedback



Hello UX community,

Kindly help me in giving me a honest feedback my resume, your suggestions can help me improve it.

Quick background update:

  • post graduated as a communication designer, specializing in UX discipline.
  • 2.9 years of service industry experience
  • interested in learning and stepping in core UX research methods




It’s overly designed. Text is too big. It will be skipped. Condense it into one page. Add a link to your portfolio site.



Thanks for the feedback, will recheck on it.




Where are you planning to post the resume? If you’re sending it to someone via email, I agree that it needs to be reformatted. If you’re going to have it up as part of your portfolio, I’m not sure it needs to be redone. I think it is visually appealing if it is going to be used on line. That being said, I’m not familiar with how other UXers format their resumes.

In your certification, you mention; it should be I’d bet dollars to donuts that your spell checker did that to you. :wink:

Your cover letter is a nice template, but you should personalize it for each company before you send it out each time. If you’re planning to post this with your portfolio, I would recommend removing the cover letter because that should go to an individual.

I hope that helps.




Thanks a lot for the feedback!

  • I’ll be sharing the resume along with the portfolio and have made a different pane resume when sharing via email.

  • Writing ‘Linda’, is my mistake, my bad, I’m abashed.

  • I’ll take care of the cover letter.



Hey there,
I love the design, it looks tidy and professional. Here are a few ideas for improvement:

  • I’d remove any non-essential sections. Keep the bare minimum. e.g. your “With knowledge and learnings…” quote is nice, but it doesn’t add anything relevant for a potential employer so is essentially extraneous and distracting.
  • 2.9 years looks a bit strange. I’d say 3 years.
  • It could use a English edit.
    • Some of your capitalisation is a bit off. e.g. Responsive web designs, mobile iOS, Hybrid Design, Web applications
    • LEARN’T isn’t actually a word.
    • Some sentences need restructuring e.g.The choice of opting the right ux methods within an array of arsenal.



Thanks, learned a lot!

There was so much space to improve on. I’ll work on these changes.



Based on your resume, you have great skills; however, it really lacks elaboration and proper formatting.

First, your work experiences don’t have time period. Employers are interested to know about it. In addition to this, it lacks the details of your job descriptions. These are very important information that can give strong appeal for your resume, if done right.

By the way, the objective section of a resume is now obsolete, use a professional summary instead.

I also noticed in your cover letter that it’s not employer-focused. Don’t highlight what you want to get from your target employer but focus more on what you can contribute to the organizations.

For more detailed tips, the following are the articles which might be useful to you:



Thanks a lot. I’ll make these changes.



The first impression is that “I can’t read paragraphs fast enough”.

One problem is the line hight is too small, and font size too big. Looks too busy and hard to read.

Secondary, you might want to use another font for the paragraph text. Century Gothic is a geometrical font, good for headlines but isn’t very good for readability. Maybe try some well-known basic serif or sans serif fonts, such like Helvetica or Times or Garamond.