Resume advice / review


Hi, I’m looking for a little resume advice. Thanks in advance for any insights you can offer! Here it is:

And my biggest concerns…
I’m transitioning into UX from another field and I’m having trouble coming up with a summary that explains it well. I’m looking for a UX role, hopefully with an emphasis on design thinking. My background is in product design and landscape architecture. My struggle has been highlighting transferable skills and wrapping it up into something that says UX.

The other confusing thing is figuring out what to call myself. I haven’t had a UX job and my current job title confuses HR people. When I look at job ads it seems like there are a variety of new and exciting titles but there isn’t one that seems to be the right fit for me. I came up with a generic “multi-disciplinary designer” but it seems too vague.

It would be very helpful to hear how it reads to someone in UX. Thanks!!!


Hi there,
Your link takes me through to a Dropbox Business page. Can you try again?

Happy to help.