Resources for Writing Documentation

I have a confession…I HATE documenting things. I’m a much more verbal person and I find I’m struggling to document my work in descriptive long form recently (ie case studies). I’ve been procrastinating on everything beyond annotating wireframes, and even this takes me days. I know that writing in UX is a large part of the job and I used to be fairly competent at explaining my thought process in written form, but I’m really struggling lately. Any tips on getting over this hump?

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I know the feeling. A lot of the exciting stuff has been done and you feel like you’re kinda left with the boring bits.

I started keeping detailed notes while I’m still in the thick of things, and that helps a little—feels like I’m already part way there before I’ve even started. It’s a fine balance between getting an extra edge on the insights while in the moment, and joining dots that don’t actually exist, so some care is needed.

Documenting summaries of findings in Keynote with scribbles and annotations and screen examples and the occasional chart keeps it tight and the focus on communicating what we learnt and how we evolved the design.

Doubling up some thinking for use in your portfolio and future discussions might also help?

But it sounds like you’re needing to write up stuff in a lot of detail. As long as it’s not too heavy (are people going to actually read it?), I keep wisdom from @deprecated’s Think First in mind: “No documentation means no win.” Just repeat over and over before you go mad with something else. :slight_smile:

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hi @discodelphia
same for me!
I find very boring to write documentation and solution outlines.
Anyway I’ve to admit they’re very important to allow all the stakeholders to have the same level of knowledge about the context.
I think that Confluence is a great tool to achieve such goal.
You are able to upload screens and create linked pages (especially if you work with Jira) invite people and receive feedback on the go.
They’ve a huge amount of plug-in that can help you to describe your deliverables in a friendly way (if you compare with static PDF with screenshots).
Last but not least this is a great combo if u work in Agile approach.

Good luck with your will to write specs!

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