Research methods for projects from scratch


I want to create a personal project for my portfolio and was wondering if you are going to create a project from scratch, are user interviews the only research method for research?


Look at reviews and social media posts for existing products similar to the one you’re creating. This will get you a long way. You’ll get to see which features the users want the most, what drives them mad, and what they love.

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Totally agree – competitive research. This article might be useful.

Surveys could also be useful. Another useful resource.

If you do go down the user interview route, this will help.

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Cool. From what I understand you can’t rely on one research method correct?

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It really depends on what you want to find out. Usually, imo, only one reasearch is not enough for most of the projects. :slight_smile:

Try to make a briefing where you put your goals and hypotheses. Then start planning the best strategy that fits for your project.


In addition to what everyone has said, if you want to do something different from the usual, you can attempt contextual inquiries, diary studies, participatory design research and so forth.