Request for UX Portfolio feedback

I’m looking for critical feedback on my online UX portfolio.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


For your case studies, i would make it clearer what the problems were and your exact role in solving them. If you can also condense them to only include the most important bits, it would make recruiters lives a bit easier as at times it can get a little wordy. More use of (useful) headings will help.

Also, i skimmed a bit of your content and noticed you mentioned things were ‘frustrating’ and you ‘struggled’ etc and you even had a dig at the client in one of them! I would either omit this completely or reframe this into something more positive.


I would see if you could come up with a more compelling tagline (it’s hard). Right now it sounds pretty generic. :slight_smile: What are you really passionate about with UX?

I’d also see if you can come up with some better titles for your case studies. What is the user problem you are solving? Right now, I am not inclined to read further. :slight_smile:

I skimmed your case studies and agree with what Leo said, definitely need more of a cohesive story there. Some of it can be wordy, but doesn’t add anything to the story.

Hope that helps!


Thank you very much for your feedback. I completely agree with you about the positivity. I will work to make necessary changes. I will also be attempting to edit my content for length.

Thank you!


I completely agree with you about the tagline, I’ve tried to revise it this morning and will continue to think about it.
I love your comment about the case study titles. I will work to make those changes.
And, I am planning to edit my content for length.

Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it!


no probs ben, you have some good experience, what’s your next step?


Well, I plan to make revisions on my portfolio and then start applying for jobs this coming Monday. I’m hoping to find an opportunity that has funding and support for a robust UX process (regular user testing), where I can collaborate with other designers as part of a team. I live in Silicon Valley, so I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult to find what I’m looking for.


well it hits me with a login so i guess I won’t be reviewing your portfolio anytime soon ;(