Repository for designers



My team is growing, we will onboard 3 designers in the next two weeks and we will 8 people.
At the moment, we manage our repository with Dropbox because we massively use Sketch App and InVision.
The plan is to work on the same file to boost the onboarding process for the new joiners and to decrease the workload for the team members.

I was browsing the web to look for a “GIT BASED” solution and I found this app (

  • Do you guys have the same need/problem?
  • How do you manage the multiple users for the same source file?
  • Which type of repository do you use?

Have a great day!



I know Abstract is pretty popular with teams right now. I haven’t used it personally, but I know teams who do and they really like it.
I have used Folio, I think it is a little simpler than Abstract.
Also, there are a couple of other related tools out there such as Plant, Kactus, and Avocode, depending upon your needs.

There may be others, those are just the ones I have heard of. Hope that helps a bit.