Registration flow for igaming site

Hello there,

Currently I’m working on the registration form/flow for a new Igaming site (casino), and an interesting debate came up.

I created the form using the steps and information-groups:
Step 1: Email and password
Step 2: Personal info (name, surname, gender, date of birth)
Step 3: Personal info (address, phone number, gdpr)
Step 4: Verification process (code provided via text message and email as well)
Step 5: Account is ready, visitors can deposit and play

The other option suggested by colleagues:
Step 1: Email and Password
Step 2: Phone number and GDPR
Step 3: Verification process (like above)
At this point the account is created, but the visitor cannot play and cannot deposit
Step 4: Fill Personal info before they can deposit and play

So basically, they suggest the form should be split into two section, before a visitor can actually use the site as intended (for simplified flow please see attached image).

I keep fighting for the first version, because I think UX/UI wise it’s not a good practice breaking up a registration form, especially when all the requested information are mandatory in order to use the full service of the site. It feels like we give the user an extra, unnecessary blockage. Especially that everyone hate filling up forms.

What do you think?

My first thoughts:
If there is no critical information withheld, no huge surprises in form 2, then I don’t see a problem.
Huge surprises might include requiring very personal information or purchase without prior notice.

I totally get what Flow A is trying to do, and I suspect it’s not UX designer suggesting it… and to be honest, I recently did something sort of similar (see below). I haven’t seen any research on either process.

I feel like the right response is to ask users though :smiley:

A client’s registration process was like, 10 pages long. I categorized the questions by type and purpose and prototyped a different version so that users could have accounts and make payments sooner. I put the pages of ‘extraneous’ material aside for us to look at, to think about how we might improve the collection of this information.


My first thought, you are right. It is better to fill all the details at once and then submit. Later they can just deposit and play. But later when I took a step back, I think the 2nd option is better. Basic things needs to be captured after verification they can go ahead and fill the details. Just to register and login why they have to fill all the details. Let it be simple like Facebook.

In UX design there is a principle followed its called Progressive Disclosure which states that

  • Don’t present all information all the time

  • Reduce complexity

Displaying too many things will be a clutter and slows down the users in making decisions.