Register Vs Create an account rationale


Is there a definite rationale that differentiates the process of registration from creating an account?


that’s a very interesting question to me!

I faced this topic in for several projects and I’ve to say that is stil not 100% clear if, as UXs, we have to pay attention to it.
In terms of user task, basically, are very similar. A web form with more or less the same amount of controls and a process of validation (email and/or SMS).

In terms of UX, in my POV, they’re slightly different:

  • Create an account is more for content available only if you own an account, for instance Dropbox.
  • Registration is a hook to provide extra features available only for registered (and logged) users, for instance Ebay.

I never found any report/data able to validate these assumptions.
We decided to follow this approach for marketing reasons. To increase the user engagement we delivered different scenarios for “create” and “register”

I hope it will help :slight_smile:


Thanks your response is appreciated, it has helped