Regarding redesigns of websites/apps


Questions to designers out there, from your experience in UX jobs when you redesign a website or making changes to them:

Do you design the parts that exist and will stay on your redesign mockup? Or do you screenshot it and add your new design to it?


Yep, I really design parts that exist and stay on your redesign mockup


I am guessing you meant rarely correct?


I don’t understand your question to be honest. What are you trying to figure out?


When you are redesigning some aspects of a page but not everything, do you just screenshot the current page and add your design to it?


That’s interesting, I usually redesign the whole page from scratch even if some elements remain the same. But normally I have access to previous design versions so I can just grab it from there.
I just like having everything in my design file in case I need to rearrange things for a better solution.
In your case, i don’t see why you can’t screenshot the whole page and ‘paste’ your new design within in.It seems okay. I’ve seen that done before for time saving. Hope that answers your Q.


Thanks for the answer. Yea it makes sense if you had the previous versions still around to grab. I only have some components around from before such as the header and nav so the screenshot makes sense in this situation to save time.

Also what about when it comes to designing pages and being inspired by other websites? People say not to reinvent the wheel but is it bad to copy another design? For example a store locator page seems fairly similar in a lot of websites so my design might be pretty close to it.


redesign completely. ‘design’ involves many things.

You might keep some visual elements (logo) but in terms on content and IA that will change