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Hello Everyone, I am a budding designer who seeks help in finding the appropriate tutorials for Figma. I want to learn Figma right from the basics and take it to step by step. Where can I get these tutorials?

Everything I learned about Figma, I learned from youtube! Figma tutorials - Google Search But then I ended up using Miro instead.


Udemy - Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing by Vako Shvili

Easy to understand, great examples and assignments. Covers every bit of UI and Figma

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There are plenty of free resources for learning Figma. For starters, go to the source. Figma has really great documentation and video tutorials.

Youtube: Figma - YouTube

I use Figma exclusively so ask me anything.

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You can start from the official docs one.

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Hi Shivam! Here are some of the best tutorials out there: ABNUX’s Figma Tutorial on YouTube, “Understanding Figma as a UI Beginner” on Prototypr, and egghead’s “The Beginner’s Guide to Figma.” Hope these help!

I loved this resource, too! Easy to follow and covers all the basics.

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